Indian Largest Group Tata Group : Fired Its 38 Employees

Tata Group

The Country Largest Business House  Tata Group  has fired its 38 Employees from their Tata Steel Business. These employees were fired not for Cost Cutting Mindset of recession but because to the serious allegations made against them.

Tata Group

N Chandrasekaran, the chairman of the Tata Group,  claimed that the 38 employees were the subject of several complaints that came in one after another. The situation was then brought to the company’s attention, and after an investigation, the decision to fire the employee was made.


From 31 people, 3 were accused of sexual assault

According to Chandrasekaran, “We have taken action against 38 employees, who have been terminated from the company,” Of these, 35 employees were let go due to unethical behavior, while 3 others were let go due to grave claims of sexual assault.

The chairman of Tata Son, N Chandrasekaran, reportedly disclosed this information during the Tata Steel Annual Shareholders Meeting. He revealed that the world’s largest steel producer Tata Steel fired 38 employees for wrongdoing in the previous financial year. You can also read more about Tata Group From Their Website


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